Fixin Poverty - One Pedal at a Time

The Fixin Poverty ride is all about Fixin Poverty! With your help and GENEROSITY, we’re raising funds and awareness for orphans and vulnerable children living in extreme poverty in Zambia. Bringing HOPE.

The ride is also about Everyday People doing something you don’t see Everyday! Seriously, who decides to ride a fixie across Australia!?! That’s the ADVENTURE.

Challenging Events – Changing Lives

Rider Profile: Kelvin

I am humbled to share with you a little bit of a story of my life. My name is Kelvin Lufwandika, I am 25 years old and I work as the Computer Manager, Network Administrator and Computer Teacher at Eagles Wings Christian Community School in Zambia. I am married to Barbara and we have two daughters, Fiddes and Dorothy.

In my childhood I was attending a poor community school in my compound but my twin sisters heard that they could get money by begging in town. My sisters were beaten many times by the older street children, so I started escorting them to town after school each day, and by the age of 11, I was fighting for our survival on the streets. During this time, I met Ba Reid and Ba Lackson from Eagles Wings. My sisters and I started going to a Government school and experiencing the generosity of Eagles Wings in Zambia.

I finished high school and was then sponsored to do computer studies at College in Ndola. When I completed my studies, I worked with Ba Owen for a few weeks to clean up the computers at Eagles Wings and fix the internet connections. Then I was in charge of maintaining the IT systems and also started teaching the pupils how to use computers.

Last year, my mentor, work mate and director, Ba Lackson Matolokoshi told me that he was thinking I should participate in the bike ride events that Eagles Wings Australia does, to raise funds for the students in Zambia… I thought he was joking with me, as I have never pictured myself flying in an Aeroplane or leaving Africa! Then a few weeks later, I learnt that I had been chosen to go and represent Zambia in Australia, with the other three riders. I feel privileged to ride for the children at Eagles Wings, because I have been through their experiences, and it’s a big challenge.

I have never been in a bike event before.  I have only been cycling because it’s my means of transport for taking good care of my family. Now that the ‘Fixin Poverty’ bike ride across Australia has come up, it’s my prayer that this will be a successful mission for Eagles Wings and a blessing to the vulnerable children we serve.

- Kelvin

Rider Profile: Eloise

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