As this EPIC ride moves into the final ‘few’ kilometers, I thought it might be a good time to start thinking and reflecting on our (your) journey, as the wider Eagles Wings community, over the past month and a bit.

Cast your mind back to the week prior to the ride… It was pretty rainy here in Brisbane and we were busy getting the word out about the Send Off BBQ, seriously hoping that ‘Fake Reid’ would arrive in the post before Flo set off around Australia and Reid sent out his ‘pre-ride’ email. For those of you following the journey back then, you may remember these words: “My challenge is 400km per day for 35 days. Your challenge; be radically different in the way you approach and think about your life and lifestyle in order to be more generous people. Thank you for your involvement, I hope you get a lot out of this and I look forward to seeing and hearing about the difference we make in others and ourselves.”

So, how have you been radically different, what changes have you made in your life, how have you embraced generosity, what have been the challenges, what have you learnt? (yes, this is 20 questions!!)

Let’s start preparing and sharing our stories. I know these will encourage Reid. Feel free to be as ‘light and funny’ or as ‘deep and meaningful’ as you choose J

You can add your comment to this blog (I think?), or just comment on the Facebook Page. 

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