Donation Description


Stationary for 1 Student

[Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, Ruler]


New Syllabus Textbooks for the Secondary Students


1 Pair of School Shoes
2 Pairs of Socks


Adult Education Tailoring Student Supplies for 1 Year

[Material, Ruler, Drafting paper, tape measure, pins, needles, elastic, cotton, buttons, scissors, zips]


1 Month’s Supply for the Farm

[seeds, plants, water, labour]


1 Child’s Education for a WHOLE YEAR




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Donations to Global Development Group (ABN: 57 102 400 933) $2 and over to approved aid and development projects are tax-deductible). In the event that excess funds are raised, they will be directed to a similar project, working with vulnerable children. Sponsorship and gifts are indicative only.