Assisting Vulnerable Children"I am a parent. When I see these street children, I see my own children at home and it pains me greatly. It is necessary for everyone to get involved and to act responsibly to ensure that kids can go back to their families, because the best roof, the best home and the best protection is the family." — Andre IIunga Social Worker, Dem. Rep. of Congo

Our Programs


HIV/AIDS has devastated many African nations and communities and Zambia is no exception. Over 15% of the population are HIV+ and over 600,000 children are orphaned in Zambia alone due to this epidemic. As a result, the once strong extended family system in Zambia has broken down, leaving children vulnerable to exploitation and exposure to a life on the streets.

Our Family Program is committed to a process of identifying such children and, over time, reunifying them with their existing family and community. We are also committed to developing alternative care methods, such as foster care, that will see children placed into caring homes, rather than into institutions, until they can be reintegrated with existing family.


Our Education Program focuses on providing high quality education for children living in extreme poverty and imparting Christ-like values that will not only help the child, but their community as well.

Primary Campus

Our Primary Campus covers Grades 1 to 7 under the direction of Mrs Esnart Kazhingu. The students are educated in the Zambian National Curriculum and sit nationwide exams at the end of Grade 7. Grades 1 and 2 are taught in Bemba (the local language), with the majority of classes then taught in English (Zambia’s official language). Our Kanyala Campus provides basic literacy and numeracy skills to young children and acts as a feeder school into the main program.

Secondary Campus

Our Secondary Campus covers Grades 8 to 12 under the direction of Mr Wesley Mazenta. Students follow the academic tier of the National Curriculum, covering subjects such as English, Bemba, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Business Studies. We have two dedicated science laboratory classrooms and a school library building.

Ukufuma – Towards Promise

Since our inaugural Grade 12 graduation in 2015, we have expanded the Education Program to offer scholarships to over half of our graduates. The scholarship fund is administered by Eagles Wings Zambia and students are selected, taking into account academic performance, leadership potential and commitment to study. The selected courses must lead to a qualification with a high likelihood of employment.

Adult Education

Although our major focus is on children, we also run Adult Education classes for our community members (mostly women) who missed the opportunity to attend school as children. (include link to video)


For many children in Zambia, travelling outside their own community is an opportunity often never realised. Gaining a wider context of their own country ? the people, places and languages ? provides a greater worldview and educational experience for children and hopefully an increased ability to positively impact their own community.

Held over seven days, Camp is aimed at increasing and developing children?s social and life skills, team participation and character through Camp activities, lessons and relational development with Camp Leaders. Camp is simply unforgettable.

Western Camp Leaders learn new perspectives and understanding about issues of global poverty, the people poverty affects and their resilience in the face of adversity. Friendships are built and hopefully extreme poverty then becomes personal.