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How much does sponsorship cost?

Sponsorship for a student in the Education Program is $20/month.
Sponsorship for a child in the Family Program is $65/month.
Sponsorship for a student in the Ukufuma (Further Education) Program is $90/month.

What does sponsorship of the Education Program cover

$20/month covers education supplies (books, pencils, etc), uniform, shoes and a portion of the teachers wages.
It does not fully cover the teachers’ wages.

What does sponsorship of the Family Program cover?

$60/month covers food, clothing, toiletries and medical needs for the children living in our care at the Transit Home. It also contributes to the wages of our House Mum and Social Worker.

What does sponsorship of the Ukufuma (Further Education) Program cover

$90/month covers the average tuition fees for our Ukufuma students, studying a range of courses such as Nursing, Teaching, Pharmacy, Engineering, IT and Mechanics.

How many children are in the Eagles Wings Program

Our Education Program provides high quality schooling for approximately 40 students per grade, from grade 1 to grade 12, totaling 480 students per year.

Do you also work with adults?

Yes, in addition to our grades 1-12, we also have Adult Education classes for our community members (mostly women) who missed the opportunity to attend school as children. These women learn basic numeracy and literacy before progressing to a skill such as tailoring or knitting. There are 45 students enrolled in the Adult Education Program each year.

>> Watch this video to see the program in action.

Why can’t I support a specific child?

We operate a program support system and not an individual child support system. Therefore your donation supports the specific program indicated as a whole and not an individual family or child with whom you would correspond. This allows Eagles Wings to operate with a small administration percentage and maximise donors funds to effectively reach the grassroots level.

What are the administration costs for Eagles Wings Australia?

6% of our tax deductible donations go into project administration costs with our project partner, Global Development Group. This partnership ensures that EWA and EWZ are effectively operating according to DFAT guidelines for aid and development projects and adds another level of accountability to our operation. Our Australian administration expenses are very low, with all Board and management positions being filled by volunteers. This means none of our Australian board are paid for their time or efforts to ensure maximum funds to the project. Our total administration percentage is less than 10%, including the fees to maintain our website, bank charges, promotion materials and insurance.

Can I visit Eagles Wings Zambia?

We would love for you to visit Zambia and meet the students and staff and see the communities in which we work. There is an opportunity to join the Camp Team each year or a Medical Team every second year. As the need arises, we also send Building Teams for specific projects. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for upcoming trips. Individual trips are possible, please contact us.

Why Challenge4Change?

The bike rides were Reid’s idea because no one has had the heart to tell him that cars now function as efficient and valid forms of transport. Another explanation is that we believe that the day to day effects of grinding and dehumanising poverty are hard to fathom for us living in Australia. Our simple idea is that in attempting challenging rides (and now walks!) we get to put ourselves under physical and emotional stress that might in some way allow us to get a small glimpse of how much effort it takes to live in poverty. Plus it has operated as an effective fundraising vehicle for many years now too. So solidarity and fundraising in equal measure.

How can my church or small group find out more about Eagles Wings

The best place is where you are reading these FAQs – our website. Following that, feel free to email us with any specific questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Contact: