GenerosityOur method for fundraising is not simply a transaction of funds, but rather a message of generosity to transform hearts



My name is Elizabeth Phiri. I had 12 children, and now I have 9 children. I am staying with 5 grandchildren. The major problems I have encountered is losing our children and really our fellow Christians helped us to manage everything during the times of our funerals and it is only God who showed himself through them. Now the problem is because now I have a lot of children that have passed, especially Christine. I don’t know if she will start going to school. I’m just surrendering everything to God.

— Extract from simple. generous. life. Bible Study

Part of our responsibility within the context of Christian aid and development is to change people’s hearts to become more generous. Therefore our focus is not simply to meet budgets by any means (though it would be nice to meet our budgets occasionally!), but to develop a message of generosity which changes the way we think and act.

Our first official attempt at achieving this is a small study guide: 'simple. generous. life.'. What does God say about living simply, generosity and poverty? Our hope is these studies will help you effectively answer the above question. More than that though, we hope it will challenge you to create new habits; encourage you to wrestle with tough questions around faith and generosity; and ultimately lead to a transformation in your heart. The fruit of this study will also potentially be seen in the lives of children who currently live in extreme poverty.

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