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Isubilo Book


Book by Reid Anderton

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Across the globe in every major city, countless children huddle together in dark corridors, market places, shop fronts – anywhere which, in their eyes, is deemed more liveable than their current home environment. Isubilo is the story of one such group of children who banded together within the city of Ndola, Zambia – firstly to survive, but secondly to find a lost hope.

Looking back over a 20-year timeframe, Isubilo traces the lives of Alice, Owen and others, who give a first-hand account of what it meant to be a child on the streets of Ndola in 2003; to find a home through the tireless work of Lackson and Mary Matolokoshi, who have been Ba Tata (father) and Ba Moyo (mother) to so many; and, most of all and by all means possible, to find their way back home to hope.

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