Teams[span class="rt-title-tag"]Serving communities of EW Zambia[/span]

Photo of Teams working in Zambia

Teams — Serving communities of EW Zambia

Since 2002 there have been over 20 teams or 300 plus Australian’s, New Zealander’s and American’s visit EWZ. At times you could feel sorry for our Zambian staff and community members as they try and accommodate such a wide range of cultures! Team members have come from all walks of life, with various skills and qualification, were challenged in many ways but went home as our long serving Chairmen of EWA Joe Jansen would say, “never the same again!” Over the years there have been a variety of teams serving in such areas as building, medical and camp teams. What these teams have achieved is simply phenomenal.

Teams have been an extremely important part in the growth and development of EW Zambia and we continue to look at teams into the future to be a part of meeting our vision.

"You will never be the same again!" — Joe Jansen



During 2018, there will be opportunities for supporters to join various teams travelling to Eagles Wings in Zambia.

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